Indonesian youth generational trends 2015 TEASER

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  2. Tabel of Content
    Indonesia Overview: The Generational Theory
    1.Youth Identity Construction
    2.Keren; Old & New Definition
    3.Gengsi; New Definition
    4.Alay; Who & What Their Values Are
    5.Social Media for Average Youth
    6.Emerging Trends Outside Jakarta
    7.The Importance of Having Hobby
    8.Emotion based on Political Issues
    9.Youth Media Habit 10.Indonesian Generation Turnings (as conclusion)

Laporan penelitian/riset/studi anak muda

Unlike Jakarta's youth: when trends decentralized from the capital city

Indonesian youth trends has decentralized. Now more trends and community emerge from outside Jakarta (the capital city).

What is the main antecedents of this peculiar phenomenon? find out the answer through this insights presentation

Youth Indigenous Trend in Online Video

Indonesian Youth Culture: Music Trends 2013

Indonesian Youth Trendsetters 2013

Youth & twitter trends in Indonesia

Twitter trends in Indonesia became huge with a high pace since the last 5 years. Find out how youth interact with social movement, politician, and community account on twitter, and how those account create buzz