Indonesian youth trends in a 2019 kaleidoscope

Understanding young generation X-Y-Z in indonesia

To understand the younger generation in Indonesia, now required a more in-depth understanding of generational theory. Conception of archetypes introduce by Jung that empashize collective consciousness is needed more than ever to peel the difference between the three unique generations which are generation x, generation y, and z generation.

This Insight slide is an attempt to provide an overview of psychographic differences between young generations in Indonesia.

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Indonesian youth generational trends 2015 TEASER

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  2. Tabel of Content
    Indonesia Overview: The Generational Theory
    1.Youth Identity Construction
    2.Keren; Old & New Definition
    3.Gengsi; New Definition
    4.Alay; Who & What Their Values Are
    5.Social Media for Average Youth
    6.Emerging Trends Outside Jakarta
    7.The Importance of Having Hobby
    8.Emotion based on Political Issues
    9.Youth Media Habit 10.Indonesian Generation Turnings (as conclusion)
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