What exactly is Youthlab?

Youthlab is a research consulting firm that does studies focusing in finding out the culture, attitudes, values, and beliefs of young people in Indonesia.

What distinguishes youthlab from other research consulting firm?

Youthlab does research on the youth segment longitudinally since 2008, we’re not just looking for answers to the ‘what’ questions but also finding out why things happened. We elaborate historical factors and sequential events involved in the explanation of a trend or behavior.

Who are the clients of Youthlab?

Youthlab clients came from various backgrounds, ranging from educational organizations, non-governmental organizations, telecommunication companies, Fast moving consumer goods, digital applications, media television, radio, advertizing agency, fashion brands, sport brands, to automotive companies.

How big is Youthlab?

Youthlab as a company is designed deliberately as a small scale company. Because we wanted to be involved in every process of the research from inquiry to the analysis of the data, the whole process helped us to enrich the understanding of Indonesian youth accumulatively.

Although Youthlab small-scale enterprise, but our experience travelling around Indonesia made us have a broad network of youth at the national level.

What are the expertise of Youthlab?

Youthlab master both quantitative and qualitative approaches, youthlab teams consist of academics from the fields of psychology, communications, management, business, and sports management.