What Indonesian Youth Says 1.0

Youth Trend 2012 Kaleidoscope

Creative Inspiration from the streets of Yogyakarta

Youth Marketing: The discourse of free spirit among Indonesian Youth

The young Indonesian are on the transition of values, from communal and tradisionalist to modernist, they seek ‘the free spirit’ influencers as they are the model figure that nourish their hunger for self esteem.find more about it through this insights slide

Indonesian youth marketing trends for banks

Indonesian youth marketing trends for banks. In a society so custom with cash how bank will prevail doing marketing for youth. A youth marketing insight for Indonesian Youth market

Youth & twitter trends in Indonesia

Twitter trends in Indonesia became huge with a high pace since the last 5 years. Find out how youth interact with social movement, politician, and community account on twitter, and how those account create buzz

Indonesian Female Youth Trends: Millenial Transitions

Indonesian Youth market trends 2012: flashback youth market review and data of 2011 Kaleidoscope